Latitude44 is a tech conference featuring Estonian tech, e-Governance and start-ups with support from Latitude59. the flagship Estonian startup and tech event of the world’s first digital society. Latitude44 is taking place in conjunction with Estonian Music Week (EMW) both organized by the Estonian Studies Centre/Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU). L44 will be held in Toronto on November 14-15 at the WE Global Learning Centre with concerts from Estonian Music Week in the evenings continuing into the weekend at various venues.

Latitude 59 in Tallinn, Estonia

Latitude 59 in Tallinn, Estonia



Estonia has a thriving world-class tech sector. Estonians brought the world Skype, TransferWise, Bolt, Pipedrive, and Veriff. 

For 20 years, Estonia has enjoyed the benefits of the world’s first digital government known as e-Estonia, which promotes transparency, empowers citizens, and improves services. Estonia is also a heavyweight in cyber security . 

We will be introducing all these advances, including Estonia’s innovative e-Residency program which allow entrepreneurs from all over the world to quickly and easily start companies in Estonia and access Estonia and beyond into the EU. 


Toronto/Waterloo is one of the world’s leading tech hubs with close to a billion dollars in investments by major players like Alphabet, Uber and Twitter to set up satellite offices seeking ideas and talent. Canada had $3.3 billion dollars in startup deals last year - the majority in this area. Canada leads the world in A.I. and Fintech. 

Canada and Estonia’s Prime Ministers signed a memorandum for digital cooperation last year. We aim to build on this in a concrete way.


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Get in on the Secret

This is a networking event that is intimate enough to allow 200 daily participants to interact with the right senior decision makers and potential strategic partners. The audience and participants for the conference will be Canadian tech leaders, Canadian VC’s who are looking at the E.U. to invest, leaders of incubators and accelerators, digital and political leaders, federal and provincial information officers including relevant ministers.