Asko Seeba
Co-Founde, Mooncascade


Asko Seeba is a Head of Data Science and Co-Founder of Mooncascade.  He is an Estonian C/C++ hacker from 90ties, an ex-skype engineer(-ing manager), he has messed with block-chains (hash-chains based timestamping, audit trails, Merkle Trees -- all the components of bitcoin blockchains) already 10 years before it was called block-chain (1999-2001), he has been managing the early development projects that spawned some of the prime Estonian e-government pillar systems, killing credit card fraud in Skype with machine learning (2005 - ten years before the activity was called data science), advised the first wave of startup investments that emerged from Skype and Playtech exits, contributed to the startup-community buildup in participating the founding of Estonian Startup Leaders Club and Garage48 hackathon series. In Mooncascade, he is managing the Data Science team.”

Mooncascade: "Mooncascade is a software product development and data science company. On one hand, it provides wide array of software application development consultancy services. And it also develops machine learning data pipeline for fraud detection, KYC, targetted marketing and similar use cases."

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