Dalal Al-Waheidi
Executive Director of WE Charity 


Dalal Al-Waheidi joined WE 17+ years ago, bringing her expertise to roles including International Project Director, Chief Operations Director, Executive Director of WE Charity, Managing Director of Middle East and North Africa Region, Executive Director of WE Day, and in January 2019 she re-assumed the role of Executive Director of WE Charity. 

Born and raised in Kuwait, her family fled to the Gaza Strip after the Gulf War where she witnessed the terrible conflict. Her experiences drove her to make a difference and after moving to Norway on a scholarship to Norway United World College, she was brought to Canada on a full scholarship to Trent University. A key member of our team, Dalal has led from the cutting edge of many of WE’s innovative initiatives since 2002—including WE Days around the world, program-defining partnerships with school boards, and the highly successful O Ambassadors program through Oprah’s Angel Network. Dalal is a passionate feminist with a strong commitment to international development demonstrated by a sterling career that has only just begun. She has been recognized for numerous awards including the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and Canada's Top 100 Women Award: Future Leader Category.

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