Kia Puhm
Founder & CEO, DesiredPath


DesiredPath is a CX solution that helps companies be customer-centric to achieve smarter, faster revenue growth.

A frontierswoman in the Software-as-a-Service Customer Success industry, Kia Puhm has extensive experience building world-class practices that accelerate business growth. Prior to founding DesiredPath, Kia held chief positions at Oracle, Eloqua, Day Software (Adobe), Intelex Technologies, and Blueprint Software Systems. Based on over 24 years of expertise, Kia developed the Intelligent Framework™ (driven by industry first metrics and benchmarks) to provide clients with a disciplined, sustainable and scalable approach to increasing customer value and long term loyalty.

In 2005, while working with enterprise content management firm Day Software, Kia was named one of Switzerland’s top 50 highest ranking women in business by Swiss publication Basler Zeitung. Kia holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto.

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