L44 Team Interview: Liisi Org, Startup Estonia


How long have you been part of the L44 team?

I think I became part of the team when I joined Startup Estonia, so somewhere in the end of February or beginning of March, so 5 months. 

What is your “day job”?

I work as a Startup Community Development Manager at Startup Estonia. 

What is your background?

My educational background is in project management, entrepreneurship and education management. My professional experience has always been associated with different events, projects and leading the community, either working in a University or startups. I’ve worked with startups in Estonia and in the United States and now I’m hoping to grow and boost Estonian startup community to a new level  

What are you doing for L44?

Together with Startup Estonia team we help startups to come to Toronto and get the maximum out of it. 

What excites you about your work?

Everything. I love people and I’m definitely a people’s person. Also, the fact that every day is different is really exciting!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really like to spend time with my loved ones, read a good book, watch a good movie or just have long walks. 

Marika Mayfield