Raul Kaidro
Founder & CEO, RaulWalter


Raul Kaidro has been providing different solutions for the Estonian e-state for the past 15+ years ranging from trust services, identity management solutions, digital signature creation tools and formats, authentication solutions, identity tokens including both hardware and firmware, legal frameworks, concepts and principles, cyber security, etc. He has been involved in projects for both public and private sector and therefore very well acquainted with every component of the concept of e-state starting from smart card chips to end user software; systems integration, policy and law creation processes. Raul believes that he has a formula which can be used for digitalisation of any country in the world with only a little customisation. He has been sharing his knowledge with a long list of countries such as United Kingdom, Latvia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Georgia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, etc.

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