Susie-Ann Viirg
Founder, FirmaFitness


Susie-Ann studied law at the University of Tartu where she also studied German language & literature as a second major, in 2012 - 2013 in Göttingen, Germany and at Stanford University, California. After finishing her law studies in 2015 Suzie-Ann moved to Germany where she turned her hobby into a career. She worked as a personal trainer at a PT Lounge. As a personal trainer she didn't only help people to lose or gain muscle, she helped many people who had injuries, joint disorders or other weaknesses. Suzie-Ann used training as a treatment. She also worked at large companies teaching office fitness and instructing group classes.

Now living in Estonia Viirg is the a founder of FirmaFitness. FirmaFitness is a starting enterprise based in Tallinn, Estonia with a focus on improvement of employees’ life quality in the office and promoting health. They will make visits to individual companies and conduct guided exercise sessions of 15 minutes within the workday.